Questions About Planned Giving

We have compiled a list of questions that you may have regarding planned giving.

questionsWhat is planned giving? Planned giving means arranging a donation now so that the charitable organization of your choice will realize the benefits at a future time. Planned gifts can include bequests, gifts of life insurance policies, donations of RRSPs/RRIFs, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

What are the advantages for me of making a planned gift? Above all, it gives you flexibility. A planned gift can help you achieve tax and financial goals, as well as philanthropic goals. You can make a larger gift than might otherwise have been possible in your lifetime.

Why should I consider a charitable organization in my estate planning? By including a charitable organization in your will, you leave a lasting legacy and support your community for generations to come. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the charitable organization achieve its goals. At the same time there is a tax benefit for your estate.

Will my estate receive a tax receipt for the value of a gift? Yes, on receiving your gift, the organization that you named in your will issues to your estate an official tax receipt for the donation.

Can I specify how my gift is to be used? Yes, you can direct your gift to any of a number of areas. We recommend that you discuss the options with our Planned Giving Officer or directly contact the participating charitable organization.

Why should I let the beneficiary organization know about my planned gift if it will not actually benefit for years to come? By informing the participating charitable organization or the Planned Giving Office, you make the charitable organization aware of a future source of income. With that knowledge it can plan better. This enhances your initial act of generosity.

Who can help me arrange for a gift to an English-speaking charitable organization in the Greater Quebec City area? You can directly contact the participating charitable organization or the Planned Giving Officer at Jeffery Hale Community Partners by telephone at 418-684-5333, ext. 1517, or by e-mail at You should also consult your financial planner, lawyer, accountant or life insurance expert, who can tell you about the tax benefits of planned gifts.

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