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Participating Partners


The following is a list of the participating organizations in the Community Planned Giving Program:


Citadel Foundation
Citadel Foundation
SAint Brigid's Foundation
Saint Brigid’s Home Foundation
Jeffery Hale Foundation
The Jeffery Hale Foundation
Saint Patrick's Church
The Congregation of the Catholics of Quebec Speaking the English Language

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Church Society Dioceses
The Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec
Fraser Recovery Program
Fraser Recovery Program
Literary and Historical Society of Quebec
Megantic Community Foundation
Friends of the Jeffery Hale
Jeffery Hale Friends' Foundation
SLC Alumni Foundation
St. Lawrence Alumni Foundation

St-Patrick’s High School Foundation
Valcartier Family Centre

V.E.Q. Foundation



Citadel FoundationCitadel Foundation (www.citadelfoundation.ca): The Citadel Foundation is a community organization that provides financial assistance and support to organizations working with the English community in Quebec City and its regions. The foundation’s primary objectives are to relieve suffering and poverty, to improve health and social services, and to encourage educational and cultural activities. The Citadel Foundation also offers bursaries to young men and women from Quebec City and its regions seeking to pursue higher education at the post-secondary level.


SAint Brigid's FoundationSaint Brigid’s Home Foundation (www.jefferyhale.org): Saint-Brigid’s Home Foundation is a non-profit, federally-chartered organization with the mission to improve the quality of life of the residents of Saint Brigid's, as well as to help the needy of the English-speaking community through its existing institutions.


Jeffery Hale FoundationThe Jeffery Hale Foundation: The Jeffery Hale Foundation is a federally chartered foundation. Its mandate is to financially assist for non-profit health and social service institutions operating in Quebec City and its regions, in addition to participating in other philanthropic and charitable endeavors.


Saint Patrick's ChurchThe Congregation of the Catholics of Quebec Speaking the English Language (www.stpatricksquebec.com): The parish serves the English-speaking community in Quebec City and many surrounding cities. It continues to keep its Irish heritage, and is a united and committed church community known for its generosity and hospitality. The Congregation includes the following entities: St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Patrick’s Cemetery, St. Stephen’s and St-Vincent’s Catholic Chapel.


CathedralThe Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (www.cathedral.ca): The Cathedral is home to a strong community of Anglican and Lutheran Christians, with two main Sunday services, one in French (Tous les Saints) and the other in English (Parish of Quebec). Worship services are contemporary in language and style but continue in the great cathedral tradition with a particular focus on choral music. We have a lively program for parish children with a friendly Sunday School.

Our commitment to help out in our community and beyond includes a refugee sponsorship program, The Noella Project; and ministry to seafarers stopping over in the Port of Quebec.


Church Society DiocesesThe Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec (www.quebec.anglican.org): The Diocese’s territory covers the Eastern and Central parts of the province of Quebec. Its goals include alleviating poverty, supporting Christian education, assisting candidates for Holy Orders, distributing Prayer books and Bibles, and helping with the building and maintenance of Church buildings/cemeteries. In the Greater Quebec City area, the Diocese includes the following churches: Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Old Quebec), St. John the Evangelist (Portneuf), Christ Church (Valcartier), St. James Anglican Church (Lac Beauport), St. Michael’s Anglican Church (Sillery), St. Peter’s Anglican Church (Stoneham), and the Trinity Anglican Church (Sainte-Foy).

Fraser Recovery Program 

Fraser Recovery Program (www.thefrp.org/about.html): The Fraser Recovery Program is a non-profit charitable foundation, whose mandate is to help young people, notably young Quebecers, who need help to recognize their alcoholism and drug addiction, cease their abuse and arrest their disease. This help is offered at no charge to them or their parents.


MorrinLiterary and Historical Society of Quebec (www.morrin.org): The Morrin Centre, a project of the Literary and Historical Society, is housed in a 200-year old building in the heart of old Quebec, home to a rich collection of books and objects linked to Quebec's English-speaking community. The centre provides locals and visitors alike with a magnificent English-language library, heritage tours, educational programmes, readings by prominent authors, discussion groups on stimulating topics, writing workshops, poetry classes, theatre, dance, music and much more. It strives to preserve, promote and perpetuate the culture and heritage of Quebec City’s English-speakers of all origins and serve as a cultural bridge between Quebec's diverse English- and French-speaking communities.


MCFMegantic Community Foundation (www.mcdc.info): Megantic Community Foundation (www.mcdc.info): The objectives of the Foundation are the following:

  1. To provide educational programs and conferences for the benefit of students during their academic years and to support parents through various programs during their children’s learning process.
  2. To relieve loneliness and isolation of seniors by providing recreation, education, cultural activities and other programs.
  3. To provide support services and programs for seniors, ill or disabled persons, including transportation, translation in emergency situations, information and referrals and shopping assistance.
  4. To establish and operate a community centre to be used for workshops, programs, music, hobbies and recreation for the benefit of the general public. The community centre facilities will be used to hold the foundation activities and will be rented at a small fee to community organizations at large whenever available.
  5. To receive and maintain funds and to donate part of the principal and income when need is great, to charitable organizations that are also registered charities under the Income Tax Act (Canada).


Friends of the Jeffery HaleJeffery Hale Friends' Foundation (www.jefferyhale.org): The Jeffery Hale Friends' Foundation supports the Jeffery Hale Hospital by providing funds to help improve the lives of the residents of the Jeff and by supporting projects that improve the quality of services provided by the hospital.


SLC Alumni FoundationSt. Lawrence Alumni Foundation (www.slc.qc.ca): The goals of the foundation are the following:

  1. Organize academic activities for the students.
  2. Assist the students financially through loans and bursaries.
  3. Buy necessary equipment, supplies or services in order to improve the academic programs and extracurricular activities.
  4. Assist the children of the college employees who have financial difficulties by buying them books and school supplies.
  5. Support other groups, organizations, committees or associations financially and/or otherwise, whose goals and activities are similar to the CEGEP’s.


St-Patrick’s High School Foundation (www.saintpatricks.ca): The Foundation was founded in 1993 to help fund student activities, assist students who are in financial need, and to award bursaries to encourage needy students to pursue post secondary studies. The Foundation also provides financial assistance to the School to purchase services, equipment and supplies to improve the academic performance of the students and all of their complementary activities.



FortValcartier Family Centre (www.crfmv.com): The Valcartier Family Centre guides and supports individuals and their families in the development of their potential and promotes solidarity within the Eastern Quebec military community. This is achieved through many different programs, including: information and referral, counselling, support during prolonged absence, volunteering initiatives, early childhood services, youth programs, second language training and employment assistance (FORT Program). The FORT Program is mandated by Emploi-Québec to offer vocational and employment counselling to all English-speaking residents of the Greater Quebec City area, and is an active partner in the promotion of its English-speaking community.


V.E.Q. Foundation (www.veq.ca): The objectives of the VEQ Foundation are to help alleviate poverty in the English-speaking community and to support the advancement of education, as well as, any other purposes benefiting the community as a whole.


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